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What Happy Campers Are Saying

‘‘Never have I smoked, let alone, smelled a concentrate that's taste was this similar to the flower. Tastes very pure and clean, like the Orange Cookies, which is an organic bud itself. The high was even better than the taste, extremely euphoric, very relaxing.’’

— Marisol

The CAMP Collection

Innovative new favorites. High-quality classics. And so much more to come.



A delicious blend of Lemon Tree flower and Inferno OG terpenes.

Available in:
Cartridge, Disposable Pen, Rosin Coin

Happy Camper

Happy Camper

A feel-good blend of Anslinger flower and bright Grapefruit Durban terpenes.

Available in:
Cartridge, Disposable Pen

Orange Cookies

Orange Cookies

A classic and powerful cross between Orange Juice and GS Cookies.

Available in:
Rosin Coin

Where To Buy

CAMP is currently exclusively sold at The Source Dispensaries in Nevada.

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