September 22, 2018

The Rise of Cannabis Lifestyle Brands

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In June, Oklahoma become the 30th state to legalise medical cannabis. In October, Canada will legalise recreational cannabis nationwide. In the first two months of 2017, Nevada accrued retail sales of $60 million despite only having 53 stores operating. Legal cannabis spending in the US is predicted to top $20 billion in 2021. Ongoing decriminalisation and increased spending has fuelled the rise of cannabis lifestyle brands. A sign of the coming competition amongst cannabis companies for consumers.

The cannabis lifestyle is, at heart, a natural one, geared towards health and wellness. A cannabis lifestyle brand matches a consumer’s self image and their desires for health and wellness to a matching set of products and branding.

Cannabis consumers are mindful of their health. A 2018 survey undertaken by CBS Research of American and Canadian cannabis consumers found they were more likely to exercise weekly than non-users.

The same survey showed 70% of consumers preferred to smoke their cannabis as joints. But there exists a market for secondary products in devices (vapes, pipes, bongs) and edibles. Reflecting an increasing diversity of product and desire to use cannabis in the healthiest way possible.

It used to be that marketers would tell the consumer about a problem they didn’t know they had. Then in the same breath tell them about how their product could fix that problem. As such, it was called “solution marketing.”

Today, cannabis customers know the solution to their problems. So while customers still have a need or a desire, when selecting a product, they take in the wider aesthetics of a brand. These aesthetics, such as values and ideals, will drive their choice between one cannabis product and another, between one cannabis company and another.

A lifestyle brand matches a product to a consumer. Connecting a set of brand ideals to a consumer’s image of themselves. Sharing their aspirations for the future. Consumers choose brands that fit with their own self image.

Successful cannabis companies will be those that place the consumer at the center. Creating a community of like minded individuals around them who’s desires for wellness, happiness, naturalness, and tranquility are their reason for using cannabis, not as a result of using it.

CAMP is such a cannabis lifestyle brand. Offering a variety of cannabis products tied together by the experiential qualities of camping. Stillness. Wellness. Reconnection with nature. Letting the noisy tech-driven world recede. Slowing down. Focusing on the moment. On your place within it. A brand journeying alongside you to a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.

Plans for BASE CAMP outlets marry wellness center consulting with community building events and expertise. A local cannabis company delivering a way of being as well as a place to be.

Head down to Green Growth Brands to find out more about the opportunities of CAMP.

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