August 5, 2019

More than Skin Deep: How Seventh Sense Sets a Higher Standard for CBD Topicals

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The CBD industry is full of innovators, imitators and amateurs. Having long been technically illegal (until passage of the Farm Bill in December 2018), the lack of CBD regulation has contributed to a culture of products that now struggle to meet basic standards for application and aesthetics, much less effectiveness.

Green Growth Brands is different by design, bringing to bear not only retail expertise but product development experience specific to Seventh Sense Botanical Therapy products. Even with insights gleaned from decades at companies like Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Jergens, creating a CBD skincare line that meets or exceeds industry standards wasn’t easy.

“Our products measure up the same standards as any mass market cosmetic, regardless of whether or not it contains CBD,” explains Max Maksimoski, Director of Research and Development for Green Growth Brands. “The quality of our Seventh Sense line is exactly what you would expect from brands you find at any upscale cosmetics retailer.”

Here are four ways Seventh Sense assures quality in every CBD product it makes.

1. Detailed Product Documentation

Each Seventh Sense product has a dossier that covers every aspect of its development and testing. It’s an EU standard for ensuring more than basic consistency. Results from rigorous internal and third-party tests are included, from ensuring the resistance to microbial growth through routine use to a dermatological patch test to identify any potential skin reactions, all catalogued as part of the process. Product dossiers are up to 100 pages long and are shared openly with retail partners—minus the proprietary formulas, of course. “It’s a standard for both safety and transparency that’s unmatched in the CBD industry,” says Maksimoski.

2. Mature Product Development

Early purveyors of CBD-infused cosmetic products mostly started small, much like a cupcake company that grew out of someone’s kitchen. But just as you may find bath bombs and skin salves at your local farmers market, the standards that should apply to such products are often lacking. Attention to fragrance and feel are often afterthoughts, with some CBD products functioning largely as delivery mechanisms only, not as fully developed skincare solutions. Green Growth Brands pays attention to the details, with the added challenges that also come with CBD, like the way light and heat can affect the color over time—factors inexperienced companies often overlook.

3. Specific Packaging Disclosure

The CBD industry isn’t the only one plagued by unfounded product claims, but it has more than its share. Fortunately the packaging of most products helps astute consumers separate honest and ethical CBD products, like those produced by Seventh Sense, from the snake oil. Vague or miraculous medical claims, absent or misleading indications of concentration, or an incomplete list of all ingredients should be treated with skepticism. Consumers will find clear and concise labeling on the entire line of products from Seventh Sense, making it easy to determine which products will serve their needs and compare the concentration of CBD with confidence.

4. Diverse Selection of Products

As an emerging player in the larger skincare industry, Seventh Sense focuses on three broad categories of products: for face, body and muscle therapy benefits. Our body wash, body lotion, bath salts, and sugar scrub were released first for their nourishing effects followed by their infused foot cream and muscle balm. Lip care and facial moisturizers and cleaners were then added, as well as a specialty line of sleep products to aid in relaxation, relief and restfulness. “The entire Seventh Sense line was developed deliberately around choice,” says Maksimoski,“and the understanding that a single solution doesn’t serve everyone’s individual needs.”

Green Growth Brands’ standard for both safety and transparency is unmatched in the CBD industry.

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