October 31, 2019

Leadership Q&A: Creating CBD Experiences for Women

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Green Growth Brands’ upcoming CBD lifestyle brand, Green Lily,  focuses on products and experiences for every part of a woman’s life. Who better to lead it than an industry pro who hails from Bath and Body Works.

The nascent CBD industry rarely markets directly to women. That’s why Green Growth Brands is creating CBD products made specifically for women’s lives, from beauty to menstrual cycle support to active wellness. Retail and personal care veteran Noël Johnson discusses Green Lily brand development and how experience in women’s retail is crucial for the future of the CBD industry.

What’s your role at Green Growth Brands?

As the Personal Care Director for our Green Lily brand, I’m responsible for not only creating the product, but also the brand strategy. When we form a strategy, we ask ourselves, who is the consumer? How do we want her to feel when she engages with the brand and its products? For Green Lily, we looked at the different aspects of women’s lives to determine how we can best help her with CBD.

Then we determined what products fit the brand and what experiences we want to share with customers. We looked at benchmark products to determine the type of experience we want. Then we worked with our development lab and with a leading fragrance house to create these products. 

What did you do prior to working for Green Growth Brands?

I’ve had a fairly long career in personal care and fragrance. Just prior to Green Growth Brands, I worked at a local company called Sunrise Beauty. For the majority of my career, though, I worked at Bath and Body Works. Prior to that, I worked in fine fragrance for Calvin Klein.

What about this opportunity is appealing to you?

To have something new and exciting in the form of CBD is incredible. When you think you’ve seen everything and it seems like no new ingredients exist, CBD offers a tremendous opportunity. What’s most exciting is seeing the results and the real customer feedback and how they feel after using our products.

For example, we conducted a blind test to compare our Seventh Sense body lotion with a leading competitor’s product that’s much higher priced. And customers preferred our product three-to-one when it came to moisturization, feel, fragrance and other attributes.

What is Green Lily, and how is it different from Seventh Sense Botanical Therapy?

Both brands include everyday body care and skin care products, with the benefits of CBD. Compared to Seventh Sense, Green Lily will be on the higher end of specialty retail, whereas Seventh Sense is priced more for the masses. In terms of branding, Green Lily will specially market to women. The products focus on women’s wellness and health, including products that address PMS and menopause. This focus on every part of a woman’s life is a differentiator from Seventh Sense, but also from the market as a whole.

For Seventh Sense, the therapeutic category, which includes muscle balms and creams, is clearly the number one selling category. While this category will be significant for Green Lily, we want to take the feminine approach with all of the products we develop for it. For example, when we did this with Seventh Sense, we felt that just because you’re wearing a muscle balm doesn’t mean you have to smell medicinal. With Green Lily, we’re taking that one step further by looking at the total experience. And part of that experience will involve how we communicate all of this to consumers.

As you’ve worked on these brands, what’s surprised you?

So far, I’ve been surprised by the reception we’ve received from customers regarding our Seventh Sense products. It usually takes a while for brands to develop a following, but it feels like we have brand zealots right out of the gate. Their personal testimonies have been really rewarding.

In terms of Green Growth Brands as a whole, the dynamics of our team has really surprised me. We have a lot of young people on the team, as well as veterans, like myself, who have a lot of retail industry insights and best practices to share. The younger members don’t have that information and are fearless. The dynamics work really well, and I think it’s the key to our success.

What’s the status of Green Lily?

Green Lily will be available online at www.shopseventhsense.com in early November.

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