May 3, 2019

Introducing Pebble: The Irresistible New CBD Lip Balm. In Seventh Sense Shops This June.

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Pebble is a CBD-infused moisturizing lip balm that comes in a stylish, reusable container. It’s the newest addition to Seventh Sense CBD-focused retail kiosks.

There’s just something very satisfying about the feel of a smooth pebble in your hand. That’s the essence of Pebble, the newest beauty care product from Green Growth Brands.

Pebble is a weighty, pebble-shaped container that pivots open to reveal a high-quality, moisturizing CBD-infused lip balm. CBD is a beneficial, all-natural, non-psychoactive ingredient derived from hemp. The lip balm’s other key ingredient, Vitamin E, moisturizes and provides nourishment.

Pebble is designed to be kept and cherished. Refill packs make it easy to swap in a new flavor at any time. Refills may be simply popped in and out as needed.

“Customers love CBD lip balms, and we wanted to provide it in a sleek package that’s comforting to hold and fun to play with,” says Allison Eaton, lead Pebble merchant. “And we wanted it to be affordable. At just $12.50, Pebble is an everyday indulgence—a perfect impulse purchase that has real value.”

The Beauty of Metal
Part of what makes the Pebble feel so good: it’s made of metal and finished in three choices of eye-catching colors: Rose Gold, Gold and Gunmetal. Each color comes ina choice of two flavors which can be swapped with any of six flavor refills.

“We’re really proud of Pebble’s unique look,” says Eaton. “We think it will appeal to women and men alike. Everyone enjoys a quality lip balm.”

Pebble will launch in June, in limited release, to select Seventh Sense Botanical Therapy shops around the country. It will be available in all kiosks in September. A range of additional products, colors and finishes, including prints, wood effects and glitter, will come later.

The Pebble Product Line:

  • Rose Gold Pebble with Rose Petal Date
  • Rose Gold Pebble with Berry Blush
  • Gold Pebble with Honey Chai
  • Gold Pebble with Bourbon Vanilla Bean
  • Gunmetal Pebble with Bourbon Vanilla Bean
  • Gunmetal Pebble with Matcha Crème

Refill Packs:

  • Bourbon Vanilla Bean, Honey Chai, Matcha Crème
  • Rose Petal Date, Berry Blush, Bourbon Vanilla Bean

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