April 22, 2019

Introducing Happy Camper, the New Solvent-less THC Concentrate from Green Growth Brands

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The CAMP brand’s first product is a breakthrough in flavor and natural production.

Vapor cartridges and disposable vapor pens are the fastest growing product category in the cannabis market. And for good reason: They’re an easy, portable, and discreet way to enjoy THC. Popular with experienced cannabis customers, they’re also the perfect product for new customers who are ready to try cannabis for the first time (or the first time in years).

Vape cartridges and disposables represent about 28% of sales in Green Growth Brands’ The Source dispensaries in Nevada. Vape pens use a THC concentrate (rosin) that’s stronger than typical leaf or flower products and requires no rolling or other preparation. It’s ready to enjoy at any time.

The all-new Happy Camper line of cartridges and disposables builds on this trend in an innovative way. The initial product in Green Growth Brands’ CAMP line of cannabis products, Happy Camper is the first solvent-less THC rosin in a cartridge and pen available in Nevada, and is among the first solvent-less products available anywhere in the United States.

Happy Camper cartridges and pens will be sold exclusively at The Source dispensaries in Las Vegas and Henderson starting April 22.

What Makes It Unique

“Flavor is the key,” says Brian Talbot, Director of Brand Merchandising for Green Growth Brands. Happy Camper combines an Anslinger indica flower infused with a sativa Grapefruit Durban terpene to create a new cannabis strain, which give the concentrate a rich, natural flower flavor that’s new to vape cartridges and pens. “With Happy Camper, you get all the flavor of smoking flower, without the smoke and burn of traditional consumption,” says Talbot. “Instead, you get the essence of the cannabis, with the convenience and discretion of a cartridge or pen.” The use of terpenes also helps liquify the product for use in portable devices.

Happy Camper is the result of countless hours of product development under the direction of Green Growth Brands production head Aaron Nino. The winner of multiple cannabis development industry awards, Nino is in constant search of processes that provide different flavor profiles and experiences. “We’re thrilled to bring Happy Camper to The Source and additional dispensaries in the future,” says Talbot. “Our customers are going to love it. It’s flavor like they’ve never had in a pen and cartridge.”

Happy Camper is different from typical solvent-free cannabis concentrates, which are produced using CO2 or butane to isolate the THC. Solvent-less concentrates, like the Happy Camper product, are produced without any solvents at all. Green Growth Brands has developed a process that uses heat and pressure alone to achieve this new option, so it is cleaner for the product and the environment. Happy Camper is also free of the typical slightly metallic taste that often comes with other cannabis rosins. “The result is a vape that tastes like actual flower,” says Talbot.  “It’s a perfect expression of the CAMP brand’s natural ethos.”

Purchasing Happy Camper

Happy Camper’s will be available initially exclusively in The Source dispensaries in Nevada. It will be sold in 500mg cartridges and disposables. Because of the unique production process and unique flavor, Happy Camper will cost about 40% higher than traditional solvent-free cartridges and disposables. “It serves as a premium option for customers who prefer a product that removes solvents from the production process,” says Talbot, “and adds a flavor more connected to the classic cannabis experience.”

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