September 25, 2019

GGB Update: Our CBD Topicals

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Since the passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act in 2018, which federally legalized hemp, there’s been a lot of changes in the CBD landscape. Green Growth Brands has made the most of the opportunity.

Since launching Seventh Sense in early 2019, Green Growth Brands has been busy developing a national CBD brand with high-quality personal care and beauty products. Here’s an update on GGB’s topical CBD products and the company’s positioning within the industry. 

The legalities of CBD

In 2018, CBD came under the purview of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA then released a series of broad guidelines around CBD, including that the ingredient could not be included in food, beverages, drugs or any injectable products. At the time, many CBD companies were focusing on these very products that were deemed illegal.

However, these FDA regulations did not focus on topical products. Many of GGB’s team members come from Bath and Body Works and other companies, and have experience creating exceptional topical products. In addition, GGB noticed a topicals gap in the CBD market. At the end of last year, Green Growth Brands strategically filled that gap and created Seventh Sense Botanical Therapy, a brand of topical personal care products infused with CBD.

A focus on quality

Recently, the FDA held a hearing on CBD, scolding some in the industry for not following regulations, including not properly labeling products, not infusing them with the right amount of CBD and more. But with over 60 million Americans using these products, the FDA recognizes that CBD is here to stay.

When creating CBD products, GGB has always focused on high standards, quality formulas and transparency about the current status of the CBD industry. This careful adherence to regulations has allowed GGB and Seventh Sense to expand nationwide and begin selling its CBD products in other large retailers.

And GGB’s product formulators strictly follow all cosmetic regulations from the United States, Canada and the EU when creating its CBD-infused products. Seventh Sense’s products’ quality matches that of upscale cosmetics, and each product undergoes strict third-party testing to ensure its quality. The products have received rave reviews from consumers, earning a base of loyal customers in its first year of sales.

The growth of Seventh Sense

Since its first shop opened in February 2019, Seventh Sense has expanded nationwide. By the end of May 2020, the brand will have 270 shops open in 40 states. This rapid growth is due to partnerships with major malls like Simon and Brookfield, which are, in part, a result of GGB’s focus on following legal regulations and product quality standards.

Green Growth Brands is also expanding its CBD-infused products into the wholesale market. This year, Seventh Sense began selling its products in 90 DSW stores. Soon, Abercrombie & Fitch will sell the brand’s products in 161 of its locations. In July, American Eagle and Green Growth Brands announced a deal that will allow the retailer to sell GGB’s CBD products in nearly 500 stores and online. The company is continuing to work on more partnerships with other major retailers to expand its sale of CBD-infused topical products.

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