September 12, 2018

Entering the Cannabis Market: Investment Tips pt. 1

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I often get this question a lot, usually from new investors or people new to the cannabis industry, “Should I invest in cannabis stocks?” Currently, cannabis stocks are still in its infancy, and while we still have a way to go, things are heating up early!

This is going to be a multi-billion dollar industry. Recently Tilray CEO, Brendan Kennedy was quoted saying “I definitely expect additional strategic investors to invest in the industry in the coming months.” After Tilray signed a supply deal with the Canadian Nova Scotia Liquors, as a result, shares shot up 21%! There will be lots of crossover and collaborations in these times, as everyone wants to get into this business including the alcohol industry.

This is an exciting market to be in that is quickly solidifying, with the countdown to Canada’s legalization October 17. So start now by tracking cannabis stocks, if you’re a little bolder, try investing small amounts. Much like gambling, only go in with what you are willing to lose! This is a fast and furious market where mergers and acquisitions happen daily.

There is a lot of excitement and things can get confusing, so take your time and do your research diligently. I have seen a lot of self-promoters and some who interjected the “cannabis” title on their cards only to find out otherwise. Do your research and Google, LinkedIn, and social media what you can. The trick is because some of these companies are new they may not have a track record. As an alternative, reach out to others in the industry that may be able to verify their story. There are especially a lot of start-ups and self-made industry people trying to get investments as well. Ask others that may have done business with them.

As an alternative, if investing in cannabis makes you nervous check REITs or the cannabis retail sectors, lots of new and exciting opportunities that may interest you. One company you may want to research is Green Growth Brands (GGB), as they look to innovate the retail sector on cannabis!

They have a unique value proposition and GGB’s leadership has significant experience in the retail industry and their C levels have worked for iconic American brands such as American Eagle Outfitters, Victoria’s Secret, and Designer Shoe Warehouse.

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