June 28, 2019

CAMP and Seventh Sense: Behind the Brands

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The evolution of CAMP and Seventh Sense illustrates the crucial interplay between innovation and corporate culture.

Much like siblings, CAMP and Seventh Sense share the same brand DNA but have striking differences. Both appeal to customers seeking wellness, but the former evokes the wonder of the outdoor world, while the latter echoes a journey of healing from within. Taking both from prototypes to finished products in little more than a year required a creative team experienced enough to identify the essential elements that turned their names into narratives. And Green Growth Brands has done exactly that, shaping brands that reflect consumers’ lifestyles and inspire them.

Starting With a Story

Less than a year ago, CAMP and Seventh Sense existed only on foam-core concept boards. In the beginning, each brand had was defined through essence, story and positioning descriptions. As employees passed the boards in Green Growth Brands’ headquarters, they provided feedback and input. That’s part of what helped make these brands so successful; Green Growth Brands recognized that every employee is also a consumer with valuable insights.

“It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to create something from nothing, and everyone got to share in our stories,” says Creative Director Danielle Jamison, one of the first employees at Green Growth Brands. Even now, the company maintains a collaborative environment that allows employees to regularly share ideas.

Beginning with these concepts, Seventh Sense was the first to evolve. In the cannabis industry, logistics and legal requirements can prove to be barriers in the brand and product development process. But thanks to the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, Green Growth Brands was quickly able to launch a nationwide CBD brand.

By February 2019, Seventh Sense opened its first shop in Kentucky and launched the brand’s e-commerce website. Within the same month, Green Growth Brands had signed a deal with Simon Property Group to open over 100 shops in major malls across the United States.

A Brand Based in Nature

The next brand to launch was CAMP, with an ethic rooted in active lifestyle and the outdoors. Its products reflect that respect for nature and wellness.

In April 2018, CAMP launched the first solvent-less rosinin Nevada, Happy Camper, meaning that it’s made with no butane or carbon dioxide. This cleaner product provides a more natural taste for consumers, and the cartridge and disposable pen design allows for more discrete and portable use. From the brand’s concept board to its first product, CAMP maintained its connection to nature, just like Seventh Sense kept its connections to wellness and self-care.

Guided By a Vision

When creating CAMP and Seventh Sense, Green Growth Brands didn’t just focus on cannabis and CBD. Instead, it focused on creating great brands that would appeal to consumers, as well as excite them. But the brands have benefited from the pace of the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

Instead of overthinking product design and launches, Green Growth Brands focused on the brands’ vision and anticipating what customers will want from these products. This ability to predict and adapt to market trends comes from leaderships’ decades of experience in retail and from listening to customers’ feedback. For example, during early sales tests of Seventh Sense in a major retailer, Green Growth Brands decided to alter the look of different product lines to help customers differentiate between their uses.

“The journey from a concept to finished products in less than a year has been the most exciting part,” says Creative Director Jamison. And Green Growth Brands doesn’t expect to slow down its progress. Currently, CAMP products are sold in Green Growth Brands’ dispensary, The Source. By the end of the year, Seventh Sense will have over 200 shops across the United States, making it one of the fastest-growing brands in retail.

To learn more about these brands and keep up-to-date on brand news, visit the Green Growth Brands website.

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