September 12, 2018

Beginner's Guide to Cannabis Investing: THC vs CBD

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The first step before investing in a thing is understanding what that thing is. It’s no different when it comes to investing in cannabis.

With recreational and medicinal cannabis gaining legal status in states across America and the whole of Canada, cannabis stocks are gaining popularity with investors. Spending in the US alone is predicted to top $20 billion for legal cannabis by 2021 and 2018 saw the first Wall Street IPO for a cannabis company, Tilray.

The process of cannabis within the body is easy to understand. Compounds within the plant, cannabinoids, enter the body and affect cannabinoid receptors. This provides a boost to the functions of those receptors.

It’s a misconception that cannabinoid receptors in the body are solely designed to work with cannabis compounds and that cannabis plants are the only source of cannabinoids. Some cannabinoids are produced naturally within the body.

The best known cannabis cannabinoids are Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD)

THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that’s responsible for the traditional symptoms of cannabis consumption; for the forgetful, blissed out, munchie loving, stoner. When THC gets into a person’s system, it bonds mostly with receptors in areas of the brain responsible for pleasure, memory, eating, and coordination.

THC acts with another cannabinoid, anandamide, which occurs naturally in the body and is a regulating agent for these receptors. Together, they boost receptor activity prompting increased feelings of pleasure and relaxation while interrupting processes connected to memory and hunger. This creates the commonly known “stoned” effects of cannabis consumption.

In contrast, CBD antagonises receptors instead of bonding to them, provoking stimulation, particularly in the receptors found around the body, not just the brain. This increases function of the receptors producing effects such as pain relief and relaxation without disrupting the brain’s communications. With CBD, there are none of the stoner effects of THC.

The distinction between these two cannabinoids, and their effects, are important for investors looking at cannabis stocks, but also for consumers. Understanding the difference between THC and CBD products is crucial for customers to match their purchases to their desires and expectations.

One brand that’s taking their time to work clearly with investors and consumers is Apothecary by cannabis company Green Growth Brands. With a focus on expertise that extends from the C-level retail veterans running the company to the customer facing staff and retail experience, Apothecary staff are caring, sharing, experts.

Focusing on curation of CBD products and providing targeted healing for customers requires not only expert knowledge but the ability to impart that knowledge in a way that customers understand and can trust.

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