October 11, 2018

Beginner's Guide to Cannabis Investing: Slang

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For any potential 420 investor, here are some terms that you’re likely to encounter…

One of the first steps to creating a successful recreational cannabis market is transitioning black market operations into legal cannabis companies. While providing obvious efficiencies, it also means the black market lexicon comes with it. So, for any potential 420 investor, here are some terms that you’re likely to encounter, starting appropriately enough with…

420 – A number used to represent cannabis smoking. Origins stemming from 1971 and regarding several young men with a cannabis treasure map.

710 – As with 420 but with a greater emphasis on dabbing than smoking.

Blunt – A hollowed out cigar repacked with cannabis.

Bogart – To selfishly smoke a joint without passing it round.

Bong – A water pipe used to smoke cannabis.

Cottonmouth – A dryness of the mouth associated with smoking cannabis causing poor oral hygiene and damaging taste buds in the long term.

Dab – A small amount of cannabis extract.

Dabbing – A process of smoking cannabis by applying a dab to a dab rig.

Dab Rig – Apparatus like a bong, but for smoking extract rather than flowers.

Dank – Meaning of superior quality.

Doobie – Another name for a joint. Popularised by The Doobie Brothers but now largely out of fashion.

Edible – A foodstuff containing cannabis, traditionally a cookie or brownie.

Endo – High quality cannabis, opposite of schwag.

High – The feeling brought on by recreational cannabis; a fuller list of synonyms is available below.

Fire – Higher quality than Endo, but not as good as Sticky Icky.

Honey Slides – Cannabis and honey fried in a skillet, a type of edible.

Hydro – Hydroponic cannabis grown without soil.

Joint – A hand rolled cigarette consisting of rolling papers, cannabis and a roach.

Lid – One ounce of cannabis.

Muggle – Another name for a joint that originates, not with teen wizards, but in 1920s jazz slang.

Roach – A small piece of material at the unlit end of a joint preventing burnt lips and fingers.

Schwag – Undesirable low quality cannabis. Opposite of Endo.

Skinning Up – The preparation of a joint or spliff.

Spliff – A joint made up of equal parts tobacco and cannabis.

Sticky Icky – The finest kind of weed reserved for the specialist of occasions and people.

Toke – An inhalation of cannabis.

Topical – A type of cannabis product, usually creams, balms, salves, etc, that is mostly CBD, not THC.

Toploader – Someone who prepares a spliff with all the weed at one end so they get greater effects.

The high of cannabis is referred to by many terms including, but not limited to, being blazed, baked, bombed, cooked, fried, greening out, toked, toking up, stoned and wasted.

Similarly, the cannabis product itself is also referred to by many terms such as bhang, bud, flower, ganja, grass, green, hash, hashish, herb, KGB, laughing grass, Mary Jane, marijuana, mota, pakalolo, reefer, skunk, wacky baccy, and weed.

Suitably enlightened, any 420 investor should now have the confidence to get to grips with what cannabis companies that converted from the black market are offering to customers, without getting lost or confused by black market jargon.

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