July 10, 2019

710 Day: Cannabis’s Newest Holiday

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4/20 isn’t the only cannabis holiday. As we celebrate this July 10th, here’s a look back on how 710 Day came to be—and how concentrates are changing the cannabis industry.

For more than three decades, long before the legalization of recreational cannabis, consumers have celebrated 420 Day on April 20. This unofficial holiday has spread to retail, and last year consumers spent nearly $80 million on cannabis products that one day alone. But a new holiday is emerging in cannabis culture—one that celebrates THC concentrates, the fastest growing product category in the cannabis market.

The Story Behind 710

It’s not entirely clear when 710 Day began, but some celebrations were noted as early as 2012. The origins of the holiday’s name are much easier to uncover. When you turn the numbers “710” upside down, they spell the word “OIL,” which represents a cannabis product category commonly known as concentrates.

Some members of the cannabis industry attribute the origins of the holiday to TaskRok, an underground rapper and cannabis advocate. In 2011, TaskRok and his friends were trying to create a new cannabis holiday (they considered 420 Day to be “old school”). They noticed that 710 spelled oil when inverted, and on July 10, 2011, TaskRok released an album called The Movement apparently in honor of this new holiday.

Thanks to this witty word play, every year on July 10 consumers now celebrate this particular method of enjoying cannabis.

A New Cannabis Option

THC concentrates are derived from the cannabis plant; during production, the more desirable plant components, like cannabinoids and terpenes, are isolated. This process increases the potency of the product, and many users claim that concentrates have a faster onset time than traditional flower products. These concentrates come in many forms (like powders, rosin coins and oils) and can be used in a wide variety of ways based on consumer preference. Some consumers choose to use concentrates in conjunction with flower. But for many, these concentrates have replaced flower products because they are simply more convenient use.

For example, disposable pre-filled vapor pens heat the concentrate and allow users to smoke with the push of a button—no grinding or paper or rolling required. Similarly, some users prefer handheld vaporizers, which they can fill with the concentrate of their choice. These vapor products are small, portable and discreet. Concentrates are also used in edible cannabis products. These methods often allow users to more easily control how much cannabis they use, making concentrates popular with both medicinal and recreational users.

Why Concentrates (and 710 Day) Matter

A new report claims the global cannabis concentrate market will generate $13.78 billion by 2026. In 2018, concentrates accounted for over $3 billion of cannabis sales. Some reports estimate that concentrates will be as popular as flower products by the early 2020s. This increase is partly due to the popularity of concentrates in medicinal markets, but recreational cannabis users are enjoying concentrates at rising rates as well.

Before states began legalizing recreational cannabis in 2012, concentrates were difficult and sometimes dangerous to produce due to the use of highly combustible solvents like butane. Since legalization, new regulations and safety measures have been put in place. And some brands, like Green Growth Brands’ own CAMP, are creating concentrates without using any solvents at all, allowing for a more natural taste and experience. As a result, cannabis concentrates have become more normalized and more accessible in recent years. Now, July 10 offers an opportunity for cannabis customers to explore a wider variety of products and celebrate the quickly changing landscape of the cannabis industry.

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